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What Is Timescribe?

Timescribe is a unique asset protection tool that enables you to protect your intellectual assets in a matter of seconds. Whether it’s a design to protect or a contract to secure, Timescribe provides you with permanent and unalterable evidence to prove ownership and existence of your documents. Timescribe strengthens IP claims by capturing the three most critical pieces of data to protect any intellectual asset: the who, when and what of your ideas, content and designs.


Permanently recorded on blockchain to indefinitely prove that the specific asset existed at certain point of time


Hashing creates an unique identity for your assets to ensure authencity of your original version


Cryptographic signatures allow for publicly verifying the user who created the original intellectual asset

Why Timescribe?

Own your content

Social media influencers, graphic artists, bloggers, authors and other such content creators constantly witness unsolicited use of their content. Large organisations as well as individuals in a distant corner of the world are equally involved in committing content theft.

Timescribe creates version specific evidences for any content type - videos, images, audio files, articles. With Timescribe evidences, creators can publicly prove ownership of their content and notify the infringing parties, without having to deal with hefty legal fees or complex procedures.

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Own your idea

From discussions with potential co-founders and potential investors to proposing solutions to large businesses, founders have severely suffered due to theft of their start-up ideas. Apart from reputational and financial damages, founders struggle to legally pursue sue the infringers due to lack of evidences.

Timescribe allows start-up founders to create undeniable evidences of their ideas and interactions. Pitch decks, NDAs, contracts, shareholder agreements, emails, product designs, business plan - any such important and confidential information can be permanently evidenced with Timescribe.

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Own your design

Product designers, fashion designers, brand designers and other such designers are usually entitled to two types of rights: Registered design rights and Unregistered design rights.

Both instances require designers to prove that their design is original, especially in the case of unregistered design rights. Timescribe allows designers to mark ownership at time of creation, creating undeniable evidences of their designs while they are still under development.

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Benefits Of Timescribe

Always Confidential

Your intellectual assets are completely confidential as they are not uploaded or stored anywhere, remaining accessible only by you

Global Protection

Timescribe certificates are legally compliant with EU laws and recognisable in countries that accept certified digital evidence

Trusted Evidence

On the Ethereum blockchain, permanent and unchangeable records of your assets are created that can be accessed anytime, anywhere

How To Use Timescribe?

Our Pricing Plans

Per month
2 evidences
Slow transaction
25MB file size limit
Per month, Billed Monthly
10 evidences
Fast transaction
No file size limit
Per month, billed Monthly
30 evidences
Fast transaction
No file size limit
Power Users
Per month, billed Monthly
60 evidences
Fast transaction
No file size limit

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