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The simplest way to prove file existence

At a specific point of time. In a specific version. By a specific person.

Why Timescribe?

Need to protect ownership of creative content? Or prove you proposed an idea first? Or ensure a signed contract was not tampered with by any party? Timescribe can create version specific proofs that cannot be altered or deleted once they are created.
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Always Confidential

Every Timescribed file is highly confidential as the original file never leaves your device. That means, even we cannot view the file that you Timescribe. Wonder how this happens?
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Legal Recognition

Timescribe is compliant with the timestamping directives issued by the EU laws under Article 42 and legally valid in the EU nations. For other nations across the world, Timescribed files can be accepted as a supplementary evidence.
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Lifelong Records

Timescribe leverages the Ethereum blockchain for creating permanent and unchangeable records of your files. Once a proof is registered, it can be accessed anytime, anywhere and cannot be erased.
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Share proofs publicly

1. Stamp

Choose any file you want and we'll create a record on Ethereum.

2. Share

Share the exact file version and its corresponding certificate.

3. Verify

Select the shared file and its proof ID to confirm the authenticity.

What's Time Proof used for?

Timestamping is used for all sorts of things like:

- Intellectual property
- Creative work
- Inventory
- Maintenance checks
- Compliance
- Contracts

Usually, timestamping relies on trusting an authority. Time Proof eliminates this reliance by creating timestamps on the Ethereum blockchain which means that the timestamp is recorded by the general public and not by one single authority.

This also means that timestamps can be checked by anyone at anytime independently of Time Proof.


Per month, Billed Monthly
40 timestamps
Faster confirmation
Per month
10 timestamps
Slow confirmation
No card details required
Per month, billed Monthly
250 timestamps
Faster confirmation

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